McDonald's Digital Products

employed at huge
Our team designed the digital products around ordering through the Kiosk and Mobile Apps, across five global markets.


Huge was appointed Agency of Record by the McDonald's Global Digital Product team in 2017. The Huge design team was responsible for the design and strategy of the global channels: Mobile Order & Pay on iOS/Android, Kiosk, Website, and various Restaurant Tech projects.

The Ask

Our team at Huge partnered with the product, strategy, and customer experience teams at McDonald's to iterate on their consumer facing digital products for global markets.

The Challenge

Our team incrementally evolved their digital channels, partnering with McDonald's designers and product teams. They had backlogs of changes and our teams went through them each week. The original design style was established by another agency and we evolved it over time.

We created ideas and strategies 2-3 years out by partnering with their innovation team and helped guide the vision for their digital products on a global scale.

We helped evolve their design and product teams to a modern product organization. We helped structure teams, recruit, interview, and train to value user-centered design. In doing this, we also helped executive stakeholders explain the value of what we're doing, upwards.

Our Approach

The project lifecycle is consistent across projects within the McDonald's work. It begins with a brief from McDonald's Product Owners and continues with reviews, testing, then ultimately delivering detailed designs to McDonald's Dev Partners.

UX Design Lead for McDonald's Global Digital Products

My role as UX Design Lead on the McDonald's account has started July 2019. Since then, I've partnered with McDonald's on various projects, leveraging one approach we've groomed with McDonald's product owners. The following projects are a group of projects I've worked on with the Huge & McDonald's teams:

Mobile App: Delivery 1-App.
The ask from the brief was to create one, seamless experience within the McDonald's app for ordering delivery through UberEats.

Timeline: 08/2019 - 03/2020
Status: Delivered (launch date TBD)

Global Mobile App: Next Gen Check-In.
The ask from the brief was to leverage new technology for Mobile Ordering & Payments and check-in at a restaurant for pickup options.

Timeline: 12 Weeks
Status: Paused during Covid.

Envisioning Series: Global Mobile App Checkout.
We've partnered with Product Owners to develop ideas for their roadmap's future and envision the next generation of Mobile Ordering & Payments. In the 1st part of the series, we designed an idea for a quick way to checkout.

Timeline: 3 Weeks
Status: Delivered concepts but paused during Covid.

McDonald's Design System.
As a UX Design Lead, I've lead various planning and creation phases for McDonald's first design system for their digital products, including: Global Mobile App, Kiosk, and Global Website.

Timeline: 14 Weeks
Status: Delivered but without code snippets (native code environment is TBD).

Kiosk: China Registration.
The ask from the brief was to create an easy Kiosk registration experience for in-restaurant customers in China.

Timeline: 3 Weeks
Status: Delivered but launch is TBD because of Covid.

Global Mobile App: Various Updates.
As a UX Design Lead, I've partnered with McDonald's Product Owners and their Dev partners for smaller, less complex updates to the Global Mobile App.

Account Details & Role

Huge provided McDonald's with a product design team and worked with them throughout the product lifecycle. Each design team, depending on the size/complexity, consisted of the following roles: Creative Director, Design Lead, Sr. Product Designer, and Business Analyst.

As UX Design Lead on each project, I lead various planning activities such as design estimations, sprint planning with product management, and aligning technical feasibility with development teams. During the design phase, I lead activities such as leading design directions and running internal / client reviews.

Next Project


A component based system for every hotel website within the MGM Resorts International portfolio, I helped design components and templates for their hotel, entertainment, restaurant, and nightlife properties.