Employed at Huge

Huge was the agency of record for Hulu, who helped redesign the digital touchpoints for TV, desktop and mobile experiences.

The Ask

I was on three different tracks of work: Ad Innovation, Personalization, and Component Library

The Challenge

Each of the three proposed their own unique challenges. Ad Innovation proposed a challenge to find unique ways to implement advertising in the Hulu experience. Personalization proposed a challenge on how to incorporate a learning algorithm in the experience in a useful way. As for the component library, the team at Huge supported Hulu in organizing the component library so teams can find specs for over thousands of components.

The Solution

Each track of work had their unique solutions. Let's talk offline to discuss details.

Project Details & Role

My role as Sr. Experience Designer allowed me to support the UX Lead and Director in creating high fidelity wireframes and prototypes to propose ideas for each track of work. I contributed artifacts such as wireframes and prototypes in client facing presentations. I also supported the Strategy Director in moderating and synthesizing user research. Contact me to discuss details in person.

Next Project

Irvine Co

Helping people find luxury apartments in Irvine, California, I was on a team that helped redesign the Irvine Company Apartments website.