Irvine Co

Employed at Sapient Razorfish

Helping people find luxury apartments in Irvine, California, I was on a team that helped redesign the Irvine Company Apartments website.

The Ask

Redesign the digital experience for for future and existing residents.

The Challenge

There are a number of aggregate websites/apps that help users discover apartments. How do we create an experience that helps users find their future apartment within the Irvine Apartment community?

The Solution

We demonstrated the “value of connections” with links to the community and businesses that Irvine is connected to. We told the story of the lifestyle that goes with the apartment.

Project Details

Contact me to discuss details in person.

Next Project


The redesign of the e-commerce and dot-com experience for Lululemon, I was on the team that helped design the experience in just 7 weeks.